Simple Freedom Academy is a training site for any type of marketer that wants to learn more about marketing and so much more.

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Check Out These Simple Freedom Academy Benefits

Okay, Here they are Below...

  • Its Really Simple to Use 
  • High Quality Training
  • Multi-Training Modules
  • check
    Actually Gives You What You're Looking for and Need



Simple Freedom Academy Pro's

 What I like about the academy

1.  Light weight and easy to go through and learn from

2.  It's simple information but has value you can't get from most trainings

3.  The Training to me seems evergreen 

4.  Did I say it was simple?  Yeah...  Email and social marketing are my favorites.

Simple Freedom Academy Con's

What I don't like about this

1.  You have to log into it and go through the training videos

2.  Even though the training  is top notch it is or can be rather long at times

3.  Lacks a little in some of the modules but still top notch training if that makes since

4.  Cost seems to be a concern for most people but I'll let you be the judge of that (I bought it)

Why I Bought the Simple Freedom Academy

I would not say I jumped on this when it was first offered but it was not long after the launch maybe a couple of days.  

 Franco has been one of the people I have been following for over 10 years and he has always provided value in his paid or free training. 

The main reason I purchased this training package was it had it all in one place and I did not have to go to this video and then that one on his blog.

I have received so much value from him over the years but I will tell you that if you do like I did for a few years and not apply what you learn then you too will get the same results I did which was ZILCH!

Franco is all about teaching, applying and getting results. 

Is that what you want?

I hope so because I want you to make your own decision based on what you learn on the sales page for the academy not by what I am telling you here on this page.

You ready to learn more?

Let me just say that there are no claims here that this training will help you GET WEALTHY nor will it guarantee success for you.  The results  inside are not typical but for those mentioned became their reality.  Your's may be different it is hard to say how much effort you will put into what you learn or could have learned.

At the end of the day you are the one that decides if you buy into this or not so take your time and make an informed decision.

Start your journey now by clicking the button below to learn more about the Simple Freedom Academy.

simple freedom academy

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