Mac Air and My Honest Review You're Going to Want to Listen too

mac air review

My Top 4 Recommendations to BUY a Mac Air below

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Mac Air Pro's

Mac Air - What I like about them

1.  Light weight and easy to hold for show and tell time...

2.  The SSD drive of 128 to 512 is big enough for what a laptop is actually designed for.  

3.  Fast and dependable as I have had my now for over 5 years and it is still running strong

4.  Free updates and OS upgrades usually do not cost anything other than maybe additional RAM to make it work better.

Mac Air Con's

Mac Air - What I don't like about them

1.  If you're all about Windows then this might not be a good switch

2.  If you need a 1TB or more of storage then this will not work without an additional external drive

3.  I speed and ram is a concern for you because of your work you may want to upgrade to the Mac Book Pro

4.  Cost seems to be a concern for most PC users so if you're going to have an issue on price don't buy a mac air

Why I Bought My Mac Air Here

Back in the day when viruses were a hitting daily my windows computer was always getting hit in the mail, online, you name it.  

I decided since viruses were not that prevalent on mac's that a mac air would be a great move since I was not really dead set on using windows.

So, I searched and searched and finally found that apple refurbished store through a friend of mine.  I looked around the site and found one that fit my budget of $800 and bought it.  Keeping in mind this was a $150 - $200 savings on my end which made my wife very happy.

But since that day I have been worry free and the mac air that I bought even though at some point had

an issues has been issue free.  Imagine that...

So, that is my twist on the mac air laptop computer and I hope you enjoyed it. 

Let me know what you ended up buying one I would love to know.  Just scroll down to the FB comments section...

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